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Taking Employee Rewards Programs to The Next Level

Building Workplace Culture Through Engagement

The great resignation is underway. Recent Gallup studies show that only 36% of employees are engaged at work. Engaged workplaces reduce turnover, increase productivity and reduce labour costs. Hard to do? Not with Teamo.



Share success stories, share employee achievements, chat and more. Allow employees to talk and share ideas.



Personal, team, organization challenges. Focus your teams effort on the things that matter.



Create surveys to engage and understand your employees.

Recognizing Your Employees is Critical to Keeping Them


Collect points based on company drivers.


Issue E-Thank-you cards.


Awards merits based on values & culture.


Merchandise, travel, lifestyle rewards, gift cards, & more.


Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries using automations.


Give company rewards such as swag, paid days off, etc.

Allow employees to earn rewards based on behaviors that drive your culture and bottom line. Safety, accountability, innovation, leadership, teamwork - you decide what outcomes to build your team around.

Every employee has one birthday and one anniversary. Skip the administration and let Teamo’s automated customized birthday or service milestones for you.

Want to offer company swag or other non-monetary rewards such as a paid day off, lunch with the CEO, or tickets to the game? You can do that too!


Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Empower employees to recognize each other and strengthen workplace relationships. Provide a small number of points per employee each month to give to co-workers who go above and beyond. Peer to Peer recognition can reset monthly or annually. View reporting systems that provide employee insights into team behaviors.

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Real Rewards That Your People Will Value

Our reward selection is designed to accommodate your diverse workplace. Gift card only programs are not as effective in addressing incentive-based goals. Lifestyle focussed rewards address the many differences of your work force including age, gender, ethnicity, and lifestyle. Don't see what you want? Contact us, maybe we can source it for you!


Feeling Rewarded

Millions of Rewards

Millions of Rewards

Do you get excited about yet another small gift card? Neither do we. Get past short term recognition with Teamo and allow employees the freedom to aim higher and work towards a greater goal. Custom rewards can be arranged such as school tuition, snow clearing or landscaping services, jewelry and way more - things that actually matter to your team and are worth working towards. Employees on Teamo aim higher, are more productive, and stay longer with big picture thinking.


Fast Free Shipping

For most items, shipping is provided at no cost. This saves program dollars to go back into your employees pocket.

No Warehouse

No Warehousing of Items

No warehousing keeps costs down and provides a greater selection of new and current rewards for your employees.

Understanding Your Team With Employee and Cultural Insights


Cultural Insights to help you learn about engagement, alignment to company values and mission critical behaviors.


View individual employee profiles. Learn how each employee aligns with your workplace culture.


Learn how employee see each other. Identify hidden skills and leadership qualities.

No Fees

IT Bob

As a manager you can access full reporting on your employee recognition program. So, say that over the past month you notice that a number of people have issued points to Bob for him helping them with IT issues. So, you ask yourself:

IT Question

Why are so many people going to Bob with IT issues when we have an IT division?

IT Issue

Is there an issue with access to the IT team?

As it turns out, Bob is educated and experienced in IT. When he applied for the position with the company there was no IT position available, which lead him to take his current job. Over time, his colleagues have realized how good Bob is at helping them with IT issues, so he’s become their “go-to” guy. Since Bob has been recognized by his colleagues though your employee rewards program several times, you are now aware of his IT skillset too. You may want to consider filling the next available IT vacancy with Bob, who is not only experienced but respected and trusted by his peers.

Super Susan

Super Susan

As a program administrator, you may notice that many of the employees are going to Susan in regard to leadership. It appears that Susan earned the trust of her teammates and has taken on an informal role as a leader in the company. Perhaps you may consider grooming Susan for a supervisory role, which seems to be a natural fit for the company.

These metrics help you understand the everyday working of your company, empowering you to make decisions.

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No Administrative Bog Down

If you ever feel yourself bogged down with administration, then you’re probably doing our job for us, which we’d prefer if you didn’t. We’d like you to focus on your company while we take care of your administration. Deal?

Teamo Anytime Anywhere

Teamo Anytime Anywhere

Access Teamo 24/7 from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. For your convenience, there are two different user interfaces for Teamo, an admin interface and an employee interface. The admin interface gives full access to all of Teamo’s features, while the employee interface gives personal account access. There is also a second level hierarchy for team leads and supervisors.

Reminder: You purchase points + give them out. We take care of the rest.

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Tooting Horns

We Like It When Our Clients Toot Our Horns for us.